Saturday, 3 January 2015

Special event photographer in Hampshire - Dinner dance official event photography.

This evening I attended a local holiday village for a black tie dinner and dance. I was the official photographer for their event tonight. As you can see from the sample of photos I have attached – it was a smart or black tie event and was attended by around 180 people. Couples and family groups posed for some portraits in my portable 'studio'. I worked near the main reception at the venue from around 6pm and until near 8pm.

Whilst not everyone wants to pose for these kind of photos - a good percentage seemingly did so on this special evening and so I had to work quickly and efficiently to get my job done and not cause any delays before dinner was served at around 7.30pm. The guests were all certainly enjoying themselves and their holidays - making for happy event photos!

I will be returning to the venue and supplying a 9x6 print in a luxury mount for around 60 of the guests who chose to pose for a photo before their dinner dance.

Photo printing on-site (or on the next day for delivery of prints) can work extremely well at this kind of special event - formal but great fun. It provides added value to the clients and venue and an instant memento of the evenings celebrations. In this case it was a formal dinner and entertainment, at the end of a Christmas holiday. I mostly photographed couples, some single people and a few smaller groups of family and friends. If you are organizing a similar event – why not contact me to see if I am free and might be available to cover yours? I can work closely with you to make sure we offer your clients a good experience and add value to their stay or special event. Prints can be purchased individually, or can be part of a package / bespoke arrangement.  

I thoroughly enjoyed working at the holiday village and hope to be back again there soon. Having photographed a few parties and special events towards the end of 2014, I was pleased to be booked to cover this event today and thought I should show some sample photos on my blog. 

A few sample images are shown here – just to help illustrate my tasks on the night. These images are then cropped and printed to 9x6 inches and put into a luxury charcoal and silver card backed mount.  

As always these images are © Martin Lewis Photographer and are protected under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and may not be used for any purpose without written permission from myself.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Wedding photographer at Portsmouth Register Offices and the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth

Today I was at Portsmouth Registrar Offices. I was doing the wedding photography for Alex and Ken and it was a good to be back in Portsmouth again and so early in the New Year.

After a 3.30pm ceremony and a few family shots on the stair case - we posed for some photos at various locations around the Register Offices before the couple headed off to the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth for a tea in the top viewing area / cafe.

The Portsmouth Register Offices is one of my favourite Register Offices to cover, as the space and gardens are fantastic and the staff are always helpful to me too. I enjoy working at the Spinnaker Tower too - although it was a small group and tea with the public in the upper cafe, rather than a formal reception. I left the Spinnaker at around five PM, during afternoon tea - a short day for me!

All the images were available for viewing for Alex and Ken and their families very quickly.

If YOU are getting married this Spring or Winter - Please do get in touch and see what late availability, or special offers I might have available for YOU! I am offering some new clients in 2015 some special and affordable arrangements for small, Register Office weddings, where I might only be on site for around an hour or so.

As always these images are © Martin Lewis Photographer and are protected under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and may not be used for any purpose without written permission from myself.